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Uppers Out Now

Discussion in 'PS Vita General' started by TalllPaul, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. TalllPaul

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    Play-Asia.com is happy to announce that Uppers, the new fighting game created by Kenichirō Takaki (Senran Kagura series) is available from today only for Playstation Vita.

    Ranma Kamishiro is a young man that has been spending his days in boredom.
    Even if he hasn't any experience in martial arts, he posses great fighting abilities and an incredible strength inherited from his parents.

    Set on "Last Resort," an isolated island where the denizens are battle starved outlaws whose only form of entertainment and communication are full on bare knuckle fist fights, players will be be freely rioting the island looking for trouble; fights are dramatic to say the least, as enemies can be thrown across destructive and interactive environments.

    Go around and using unconventional, stylish combos, you can beat enemies down to a pulp!

    Impress the girls and if you manage to beat an enemy down in front of one of them, you'll power up!

    The more damage you do equates to how much they will loves you and this means more power, more special moves and more energy.

    Feel the love and use it at your advantage!
  2. Djchristy

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    That actually looks really good

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  3. Ficklered

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    That's just crazy! Only Japan can come up with this kind of stuff, it is after all the home of the used panty dispensing machines...

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