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Thank You!

Discussion in 'Trophy Hunters Area' started by LynWins, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. LynWins

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    Wasn't sure where to put this but I guess getting Exotic Weapons in Destiny is a bit like trophy hunting.

    I just wanted to say thank-you to everyone who came into crucible with me or gave me advice when I was trying the Thorn bounty. It finally popped tonight :)

    Thank you to to those who offered to do it for me but as you probably realised by now I believe that if I can't do it myself then there's no point in doing it.

    All help was very much appreciated - it was a true GO/PGO collaboration and it was a double bonus that Hooper helped kill Xytor at the end to get his Thorn too.

    Thanks guys x
  2. JaySFnB

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