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Sony release quieter PS Pro

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by TalllPaul, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Two years on from its initial launch and PlayStation 4 Pro has been quietly tweaked once again, with new hardware that sees Sony revisiting the super-charged console with a new design that improves once again on the machine's perennial noise problem. The work pays off because this is quietest, most discreet Pro yet, completely banishing the 'jet engine' effect commonly associated with launch models.

    Of course, this isn't the first time that Sony has improved the Pro. At some point last year, the platform holder released the CUH-7100 - which we took a look at recently in the form of the 500 Million Special Edition console - which seemed to change the way the GDDR5 memory was cooled, and tweaked the fan profile to be less obtrusive. The system still possessed similar power draw though, so the end result was a hotter console - albeit one that delivered a big improvement in its acoustic performance.

    The new CUH-7200 series is just starting to filter through, and in the UK at least, it seems to be the case that the hardware is only available as part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle pack - though expect to see a more comprehensive roll-out as the holiday season kicks in. Regardless, you can tell that you're getting the new machine because the model number is highlighted on the front of the package - in the case of the Red Dead pack, the designation to look for is CUH-7216B.

    I was fascinated to hear about how quiet his machine was, and the figure-eight power input suggested that this new version of the PS4 Pro was a fairly significant revision. Having gone hands-on with the machine now, the improvements aren't quite as substantial as I thought they could be, but both CUH-7100 and especially the new CUH-7200 do address the Pro's biggest issue - the sheer racket those early models can put out, especially when running some of the machine's most demanding (and impressive) titles.

    It's also as good a time as any to discuss the achievements of PlayStation 4 Pro over the last couple of years. Ultra HD displays are now effectively the norm, 1080p screens are on the decline and HDR is delivering some sensational results - and certainly for first party titles, PlayStation 4 Pro has been a superb companion for the new wave of screens.

    While it may have fallen a little short on some third party and multi-platform games - especially when stacked up against Xbox One X - the basic achievement in delivering decent and occasionally spectacular 4K presentations from a £350 piece of hardware is simply remarkable. Arguably, the existence of the Pro has spurred on the adoption and continued development of reconstruction and temporal-based rendering techniques that have allowed relatively modest hardware to punch above its weight in addressing the next generation of display technology - technologies that will surely persist into development for the next wave of consoles. But PlayStation 5 is still years away, and in the here and now, the CUH-7200 series is the best version of the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware on the market.
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    Might Upgrade mine

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    My PS4 Pro is really quiet (Probably because it never gets turned on lol) even when it is on it's pretty quiet
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