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Grid 2 trophies

Discussion in 'Trophy Hunters Area' started by TalllPaul, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. TalllPaul

    TalllPaul Outstanding Contribution to GOs

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    50 in total, still no word on what is bronze, gold etc

    Here's My Number, Call Me Maybe? - You returned Callahan's call and became his poster boy for the World Series of Racing.

    That New Showroom Smell - Having wowed the crowds in America, it's time to upgrade your digs.

    Oriental Express - Look out Asia, here we come.

    Going Global - The WSR goes from regional to global thanks to your impressive form.

    Even Balboa Had a Montage - The WSR is so big now that it's even getting montages on TV. You've made it to the big time!

    The World's Greatest - Congratulations, you have become the ultimate WSR champion. What an investment!
    T3XT M3SSAG1NG I5 GR8 - Thanks to you, the WSR is now the talk of the town.

    Internet Famous - The message boards are alight with the talk of the WSR's increasing popularity.

    Clubbed to Death - That's it, folks. The club format is behind you, it's all about the leagues now. Good luck!

    Toca Juniors No More - You got your first taste of a Super Touring Car and never looked back.

    Imma Let You Finish - You amassed more fans than Taylor Swift has Twitter followers. That's 23.5 million, by the way.

    Touge Fast, Touge Furious - You shutout an opponent in a career Touge event.

    C-C-C-Combo Maker - You reached the maximum multiplier in an Overtake event.

    All Night Long - Take part in and complete an online Endurance race.

    Pinball Wizard - You traded paint with every competitor during one offline race and still won the race.

    Mo Money, No Problems - You've gone above and beyond the call of duty and completed 5 career sponsor objectives.

    Vanishing Point - You've won a race in a white Dodge Challenger but lived to tell the tale, unlike Kowalski.

    Rocket Manski - You've driven faster than a Russian torpedo, which incidentally is 230 mph.

    Sellout - You've got one thing on your mind, money, and completed 20 career sponsor objectives.

    One For The Team - You've completed an individual Global Challenge goal and ultimately helped the community.

    A Different Class - You've upgraded a car and bumped it to 'Upgraded' class.

    Ring Master - You finished 5 seconds ahead of the target time in a Vehicle Challenge on the Red Bull Ring.

    Tokyo Drift - You scored 30,000 drift points in Okutama in a Mazda RX-7 TYPE RZ or a NISMO R34T-R Z-TUNE.

    Shaken, Not Stirred - You rolled a car at least 7 times and landed on its wheels, just like Bond did.

    Keep Your Friends Close... - ... and your enemies even closer, by becoming friends with an online rival.

    You rOCDed! - You finished first in every career event, during season play and/or via the timeline.

    Dipping Your Toes - Reach level 10 online and open up a new world of possibilities.

    Social Butterfly - Take part in an online playlist and stick around for at least 5 races.

    Sideways Shenanigans - You performed a 100m drift.

    Could It Be Magic? - You beat all of the Club Prestige drivers.

    Master Racer - You won a race on the hardest difficulty without using Flashbacks.

    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - You won a race in an upgraded car.

    A Vision of What's to Come - You won a Career Promo Event.

    Beginner's Luck - You set the fastest time on the first lap of a Time Attack event.

    Remember Me? - You lapped a competitor.

    Eat It! - You won the first round of a Touge event using the 5 second rule.

    Making My Way Down Town - You've driven more than 1,000 miles (1,610km).

    Pedal to the Medal - You won a race without using the brakes.

    SWAGtastic! - You beat the target time in a Vehicle Challenge.

    Global Domination - You won a week of Global Challenge.

    California Dreaming - You completed California Big Sur in under 4 minutes.

    Jack of All Trades - You've competed in all race types.

    Natural Ability - You beat an upgraded car with a stock car in an online race.

    The Artist - You've created 5 custom livery designs.

    Quantum Leap - You repeated an event using the Timeline.

    Gone in 60 Seconds - You completed a lap of Chicago Riverside driving the Ford Mustang Mach 1 in less than 60 seconds.

    Harlem Globeshaker - You raced at every city and track at least once.

    Drifting Like a Boss - You've scored 5,000 points in a single drift.

    Flawless Victory - You've won an Overtake event making no contact with anything.

    Winging It - You've won a LiveRoute event.
  2. BazTardoUK

    BazTardoUK Baz Blatter Staff Member Sterling Toss Award Pour me... another Most likely to pass out at a meetup Most likely to Rage Quit Game Night Host 2016 Game Completionist

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    No plat for me. Reckon the endurance and drift trophies will be a no go for me.

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