best PS4 value PS4 headset

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by SilentShadow777, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. FrankieADZ

    FrankieADZ Regular

    kinda like the ORB ones I've just brought. :)
  2. morton027

    morton027 Regular

    Ahh I get you.
  3. schatuk

    schatuk Super Moderator Staff Member


    Let us know how you get on with them
  4. SilentShadow777

    SilentShadow777 Regular

    Just got my turtle beach ps4 chat cable from game last night £9.99 in store. They only got 2 in their last delivery so contact your local game and ask for one to be kept for you when they come in

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  5. SilentShadow777

    SilentShadow777 Regular

  6. FrankieADZ

    FrankieADZ Regular

    well both headset's I've got recently work well I think.

    I thought there was an echo....but it was someone else's in mic within the party.
  7. Officer_Cartman

    Officer_Cartman Administrator Staff Member

    TB can do one,never will i buy another of their headsets,going to pick up just a chat headset though for the times when i want sound of the amp
  8. schatuk

    schatuk Super Moderator Staff Member

    Was the in-ear Vita headset comfortable Frankie?
  9. FrankieADZ

    FrankieADZ Regular

    i thought so, alot more so than the mono one that comes with the PS4; came with 3 different size ear buds too,
  10. Kappisun

    Kappisun Regular

    Out of curiosity do sonys pulse wireless headset work on ps4?
  11. Heatster101

    Heatster101 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Will be patched in January I think for them to work

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  12. celticsilver78

    celticsilver78 Regular

    Ive just requested from Santa a pair of P4C headphones to cover me until they hopefully release the patch to re connect my 7.1 Sony headphones.
  13. schatuk

    schatuk Super Moderator Staff Member

    I just ordered the Vita in-ear headset. Not fond of the P4C - too quiet and not massively comfortable

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  14. SilentShadow777

    SilentShadow777 Regular

    Hope turtle beach bring out a bluetooth adapter for controller or usb soon.

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  15. celticsilver78

    celticsilver78 Regular

    I went for the P4C on Baz's previous recommendation as a stop gap. Im not too keen on the Vita ones as I can never get the things to stay in my ears! lol
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  16. DigitalTwisted

    DigitalTwisted Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sony have said Bluetooth 2.0 (which is what all the TB's except the PX4's use) will never be supported, therefore there will never be an adapter for bluetooth chat.

    You will always have to use the chat cable.
  17. SilentShadow777

    SilentShadow777 Regular

    That is disappointingly short sighted of them. Well I suppose I may buy another headset somewhere along the road if turtle beach bring out a Bluetooth 2.1 version of my headset.

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  18. DigitalTwisted

    DigitalTwisted Super Moderator Staff Member

    Any reason why you need bluetooth mate?

    The quality is poorer than a wired connection and if you're using the chat cable you only need to run a wire from the headset to the controller, you can easily unplug it or even do what I do and just put the DS4 in my pocket if I'm moving through the house, like away getting a drink or something.

    Is there some need for bluetooth I'm missing?
  19. BazTardoUK

    BazTardoUK Administrator Staff Member

    So my original official Sony headphones are never going to work? I thought they'd said they were patching it to work, or is it just the Pulse one?
  20. morton027

    morton027 Regular

    Pulse already apparently works using a wire to the controller in the same way TB headsets do apparently (at least Gaff said he was using pulse last night), I'm pretty sure Sony plan to patch in support for both their Bluetooth headsets, just not standard type ones like phone ones or TB's etc?

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