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August Games With Gold

Discussion in 'Weekly Releases' started by TalllPaul, Jul 25, 2017.

By TalllPaul on Jul 25, 2017 at 4:20 PM
  1. TalllPaul

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Discussion in 'Weekly Releases' started by TalllPaul, Jul 25, 2017.

    1. Djchristy
      This reminds me i must cancel my live [emoji23]

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    2. BazTardoUK
      After a good start, they're just as bad as PS now.
    3. Gryste
      Not enticing me to resub to live.
    4. schatuk

      Trials Fusion is superb. Slime Rancher is, yes, an indie game but it's a bloody good one. Bayonetta is a classic and RF: Armageddon is, well, gosh is that the time, must be going.

      What do you actually want? AAAs that you've invariably already bought or something that's full of gameplay that's new to you because you swerved it first time around?

      Seems to me Sony and MS are damned if they do and damned if they dont
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    5. schatuk
      And this is the point. Surely these games should be treated as a nice extra for buying access to online rather than a primary driver of sales in their own right?
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    6. solidslug
      I'm happy with bayonetta and trials

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    7. Djchristy
      Totally agree no matter what they do somebody won't like it.

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    8. TalllPaul
      Kind of obvious though considering the audience they have, 0 chance of getting everyone to like everything.
    9. zoglug
      Bayonetta is an ace game!
    10. solidslug
      I've never played it but will be now

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    11. BazTardoUK
      Own and played Trials Fusion. No interest in the other Xbox One game. Will give Bayonetta a go at some point if it's as good as people say.
    12. Gryste
      I'm not moaning. Just nothing there I want. TBH im looking more at the 360 games as they are games that I missed.

      It is an extra. But as a non subscribed and fairly inactive user of the Xbox, yes I do feel it's a driver of sales.

      Looking for AAA games, stop putting words in people's mouths. I never asked for or expected a AAA game every month. The do appear and it's good when they do, even though I have most likely played them 89% of the time.

      Even Microsoft love to say how much money value it is. So yes they are using it to drive sales.
    13. schatuk
      I never mentioned AAA games in relation to your post so stop making assumptions
    14. Precise Lee
      Precise Lee
      The free monthly games are an added bonus for peeps that wouldn't normally buy certain games. But don't forget with both Ps and live subs u get discounted games.. Although I feel Sony has the best discounts compared Ms. I have bought a couple of games on ps4 that I already own on Xbox as I got them at a good Price.
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    15. Skye
      I always forget about the free games lol

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