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Hey everyone – the time has come for you to discover your PlayStation Plus monthly games for September. Looks like you’ll be slashing your way through demonic hordes and enjoying a quest to discover the secrets of a forgotten civilization…

First up is Journey. The talented developers at thatgamecompany bring us the critically acclaimed winner of...
7 September 2016
XCOM 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Police Tactics: Imperio (PC)
The Tomorrow Childern: Founder's Pack (PlayStation 4)

9 September 2016
The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)

15 September 2016
PES 2017 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

16 September...
Xbox Live Gold members can play Forza Motorsport 6 for free the entire weekend.

Starting,today, August 25 until Sunday, August 28 at 11:59 PM PDT (convert times for your region here), Gold...

You already knew of one title coming to the service next month.

During gamescom last week, it was announced Earthlock: Festival of Magic would a release for Xbox One September 1 – and as a Games with Gold title.

It releases on PC the same day as well, and will remain an Xbox One console exclusive for the entire month....
2 August 2016
Abzu (PlayStation 4, PC)
Batman (Telltale) (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Space Rift (PC)

5 August 2016
Little King's Story (PC)

8 August 2016
Bear With Me (PC)

9 August 2016
Uno (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)
No Man's Sky (PlayStation 4)


Hello everyone, and welcome to your PlayStation Plus monthly games update for August. This month we look to satisfy your inner space pirate while exploring the depths of space, and let you battle it out with friends in a hilariously frenzied tower builder.

First up is Tricky Towers, a new title from WeirdBeard Games. This physics-based action puzzler is at...